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What does reserving a product that is not in stock entail?

Sometimes it may happen that some of our products are in the manufacturing process or arriving at our warehouses, which would imply that the web appears without available stock. But do not worry, you just have to make a reservation of the product on our website and we will take care of saving a unit for you so that you are among the first to receive it. This reservation has no cost to you, but it guarantees that we will assign you a unit so that you do not run out of it. As soon as the product is back in stock we will contact you and proceed to send you the invoice to make the payment by the method you prefer.

What countries do you ship to?


At this time, shipments can be made exclusively to the countries of the European Union. If you are interested in a Braih and your country of residence is not one of the member countries, please contact us before placing the order.


What options are there to pay?

You can make the payment in multiple ways and also we will always be looking for new options to make things easier for you. For now, you can pay by bank transfer, to the account indicated when choosing that payment method, by credit / debit card and by PayPal. We are also working on a financing system so that you can pay your Braih comfortably and with the best possible conditions.

Where are Braih made?

The Braih are built and assembled in our factory in Barcelona. Each Braih is the object of a meticulous, purely handcrafted work and are assembled with the best components available.


How are the Braih packed?

Braih are Super e-Bikes, how could it be otherwise, it comes super packed! For the shipping, we use a robust box made to measure so that your Braih arrives in perfect condition. The bike will arrive fully assembled and adjusted so you don't have to do anything.

Can I pick up the bike at one of our Braih offices?

Yes, you can request the collection at our headquarters in Barcelona, in which case you will not be charged shipping costs or at our headquarters in Madrid, but in this case, you will have to pay the shipping costs as well.

Can I try the Braih somewhere?

Yes, throughout the year a series of test days will be established in which you will have the opportunity to test a Braih. Given the circumstances that currently surround us, for COVID security reasons, the test program is on hold, pending of the evolution of the pandemic situation and, as soon as we see that test events can be organized ensuring the safety of all participants, we will reactivate the program.

Exceptionally, you could request to see one of our units at the Madrid or Barcelona headquarters. But again, due to the special conditions that are required, you must ask in advance our customer service team in order to schedule an appointment.

What is the Braih weight limit?

The Braih are made with high-quality duralumin and are prepared to withstand the most demanding use, that is why they are Super e-Bikes. The Braih is one of the bikes with a higher load index on the market, supporting a user weight of up to 150kg with full equipment, bike included.

What do I have to do when I receive my Braih?

Once you have taken your Braih out of the box:  


  • The most important thing is that you read the quick guide that we will enclose with your bike and that you will find in your welcome box, which you will also have available to download on our website.

  • We also advise you to read the complete user manual available in our download section, which includes more information than the quick guide and will help you to get to know your new Braih in depth.

  • The next thing you will have to do is place the handlebar in its correct position and tighten the bolts of the stem with the wrench provided.

  • Fit the pedals that we supply with your Braih or your own, making sure they go on the correct side.

  • Connect the charger to the battery and then to the current and charge it to the desired percentage of charge. Once that percentage has been reached, you should disconnect the charger and connect the main power connector on the battery and your Braih will be ready.

  • Before you hit the road with it, properly adjust the saddle to your height, and be sure to do a general check. Your Braih will leave the factory assembled and adjusted by a professional team, but we are all human and we can mistake. For us, your safety is the number 1 priority and that is why we advise you to do this general review before using your Braih, but both on the first day of use and every time you go out with it.

  • Oh, and don't forget to wear a helmet, yes, we already know that it is not mandatory, but as we have already told you, you are the most important thing and we strongly recommend the use of it whenever you go out to ride a bike.

Do I have to do any special maintenance on the battery?

Braih's battery is built using Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) technology, which is a highly proven and safe technology. However, for your batteries to have a long life we have developed a unique technology in the bicycle market. Through Braih's own free application, you can select three charging options:

  • Battery storage: if you are not going to use the bike immediately

  • Daily use: when you don't need to use the full-range

  • Full charge: which should only be used if you are going to need it. 

Try not to leave the battery for long periods of time below 30% of charge or above 80%. Above and below these percentages, battery chemistry suffers more and can cause faster degradation.

Ideally, when you finish your ride, connect your Braih to the charger, if it is under 50% of charge, and select the Storage charge option, that way it will stay charged to an optimal percentage so that the battery does not suffer and the day before use it again, you should charge it with the option of Daily Use. We suggest you do a full charge one out of every 15 or 20 partial charges, and ride it after it has finished so that the system makes a correct cell balancing.

This protocol we've developed will guarantee you the best care for your battery, so you just have to enjoy your Braih.

How long do the batteries last?

If the batteries have been charged correctly they can last for many years. It is true that Lithium-ion batteries can suffer some degradation over time, but if you follow our advice, this degradation will be minimal and you just will enjoy your Braih with complete peace of mind.  

This system that we have developed will guarantee the best care for your battery and will allow you to enjoy your Braih without any concern.

Does my Braih need any service?

Yes, it does. Like any other bicycle, an e-Bike must undergo periodic services. The frequency will be marked by the kilometers ridden per year, but in a standard user, it is advisable to do one service per year.

In these services, a general inspection of the bicycle is usually made and the most common wear parts are changed if it's needed, such as the brake calipers, the chain, chainring, and sprockets, or the shift cables. It may also be necessary to do a service of the suspensions.

Anyway, the manufacturers of the components usually indicate after how many kilometers or hours of use, the part must be serviced, information that you will find in the manuals that come