BraihTec, the perfect technical service solution for e-commerce

The best of two worlds, direct online sales, and the best service near you

At Braih we are convinced that direct sales e-commerce is a business model that unites brands and users, with direct communication without filters where a very special relationship is established and both parties win.

But, we are also aware that technical service is crucial so that the user has solutions that are as direct and close as possible to any need with their Braih. That is why BraihTec is a perfect complement for online sales. A network of physical workshops and mobile services, that will be able to handle the possible guarantees, maintenance, and repairs that your Braih may require.

BraihTec is a solution where the online and offline worlds of the bicycle sector merge. It connects the virtual and the physical, eliminating the geographical or service barriers that they have independently.

A constantly growing platform

BraihTec is an open and living space. It means that any workshop can be part of our network, and it has no cost for them, so if you have a trustworthy workshop that you usually go to, you can tell them to contact us and be part of BraihTec. In this way, our network will expand over time, and every day there will be new BraihTec points.

The power of the user

But the most important thing is that the client is the one who decides and the one who values. The brands and the professionals of bicycle mechanics owe it to them, and it is they who have the power to choose what is best for them and value their experience. So we all win and improve every day.

Who can be part of BraihTec?

Any physical workshop or mobile technical service can be able to join our network and get new customers. On our website, we have a form where you can contact us and tell us what services they offer. We will be delighted to receive new requests.

In addition, being part of BraihTec has no cost or commitment for the workshop, so all are advantages.

Here you can access to the BraihTec on our site: Link

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