How to take care of the battery of your electric bicycle with the Braih App

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At Braih we are very aware of the importance of the correct use and maintenance of the battery of your electric bicycle, so when we developed our Super e-Bike we took this aspect into account and got down to work to develop a solution, an intelligent charging system unique in the bicycle industry.

In the automotive sector, some of the leading brands have highly advanced charging systems for their electric vehicles, which allow optimizing the charge level according to the user's needs, in order to protect the battery from unnecessary voltages, thus lengthening its useful life. And that is precisely what in Braih we saw that the bicycle industry was lacking, no one until now had taken into account this important aspect that affects to such critical and expensive element like the batteries of your electric bike.

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Our goal was clear, to make the life of the Braih user simple and to offer them a solution that, in an intuitive way, would allow them to properly maintain the huge battery included with our Super e-Bikes. So, we got down to work and looked for the best way to solve this need, the result: a range of e-Bikes with a battery management system, aka "BMS", equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and an application developed by our own development team, which allows you to easily adjust the charge level of your Braih to avoid the unwanted battery degradation.

After several months of work and development, we have achieved the desired result and we are proud to be the only electric bike brand with such an advanced technological solution.

How does the application work?

It is very simple, all you have to do is download the Braih application and link it with the BMS of your Super e-Bike. On the screen you can select three load levels: Storage, Optimal and Full.

What is each of the levels used for?

Storage: This level is the one you must select if after using your Braih the battery charge percentage is below 50%. In this mode it will charge it to a percentage around to 50% in order to leave the battery with a charge level that does not affect the cells while you are not using the bicycle.

If after using your Braih the battery charge percentage is between 50% and 80%, you should not do anything, since that charge range is safe for the battery, although the ideal is to leave it as close to 50%. , especially if the e-Bike is going to have long periods of inactivity.

Optimal: As its name suggests, it is the optimal charge level for the vast majority of rides with your Braih. Ideally, a few hours before using your Braih you should have adjusted the charge level to this setting. Keep in mind that your Super e-Bike has an standardized range of 184km under the R200 cycle, which depending on the circumstances of use, may be even more. This allows you to have such a wide range that even at the optimal level of charge you will have more than enough range for almost any route that your body can resist.

With this level we are able to reduce the number of charge cycles and, what is more important, we do not create unnecessary stress in the cells, which are the ones that cause more damage to the internal chemistry and the much dreaded degradation.

Complete: It is quite clear that this is the level at which the system will charge the battery of your Braih 100%, but it is an adjustment that, unless there is a specific need, you should try to avoid. Use it only if you need to have the maximum range that the electric bike offers you and to make a full charge of the battery from time to time.

Selecting this level of charge is very important that you use your Braih as soon as it finish charging or at least that you do it as soon as possible. This way, while using the bike, the battery consumption will gradually drop the internal voltage and reduce the risk of damage. But above all, what you should avoid is selecting the full charge and leaving the electric bike for hours or days without using it.


Why is a smart charging system so important?

As you may have already deduced, batteries are a relatively delicate element and in addition to being very expensive, they are one of the components that has the greatest environmental impact. Therefore, it is critical that they are taken care of and protected as much as possible and this is only possible, in a simple way, with an intelligent charging system that makes life easier for the user.

At Braih we want you to enjoy your Super e-Bike without having to change your habits and in a simple way. This unique solution in the bicycle industry and with which no other e-Bike has as standard, allows you to only worry about having fun with your Braih and also will let you to take care, adequately, about the battery.

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