What is a Super e-Bike?

We will start by saying that it is not an electric motorcycle but, although it is an e-Bike approved under the EPAC cycle, it is certainly not a conventional e-Bike either.

A Super e-Bike is a bicycle with pedaling assistance that combines sensations from the world of bikes and enduro motorcycles.

But what makes it Super?

Super riding sensations

Closer to an enduro motorcycle than a bike. That is one of the keys to a Super e-Bike. With a low center of gravity and superb stability, thanks to its greater weight, it achieves a feel of suspensions and a way of drawing the terrain, which inevitably reminds us of something closer to a motorcycle than a bike. It is like a magic carpet that passes with overwhelming superiority for any unevenness of the terrain.

Super range and performance

If there's something that makes the Braih Super e-Bike very special, it is its massive range, of 184 km approved under the R200 cycle, which places it on the top in this field. Forget the range anxiety because with the Braih RC1 there won't be a ride long enough for you.

In addition, its high torque of 114Nm, and its reliable Bafang MM G510 motor limited to 250W of constant power are perfect math to the motorcycle inspiration frame and coil suspensions so that nothing stops you.

Super look

Inspired by the world of enduro motorcycles, but without forgetting that it is a bicycle. What is clear is that its image leaves no one indifferent. But its design responds to pure functionality.

A backbone chassis, inherited from the world of motorcycles, becomes the main structure of this Super e-Bike, allowing to carry the enormous 1254Wh battery with maximum safety, which you can also remove in a matter of seconds. So you can load it anywhere without having to take the complete bike or just disassemble it, and thus load it on a bike rack or in a van with maximum ease.

A single-pivot swingarm with a coil rear shock, which, due to the studied positioning of its pivot point, will reduce the bobbing during pedaling, while it will have a super active suspension when you do not pedal downhill.

Super components

Everything in the Braih has been developed looking for that Super e-Bike experience. For that reason, on its development, we have relied on some suppliers with a broad experience in the motorcycle world, such as Fastace, whose suspension systems provide that special touch and how much it reminds us of the enduro motorcycles.

Dual-piston brakes specific for e-Bikes and with 203mm discs to stop safely in any circumstance.

SRAM GX1 shift system with specific controls for e-bike, which combined with a shift sensor, responsible for reducing engine power during the jump from one crown to another, guarantees maximum performance without compromising the integrity of the changes.

A Super e-Bike that works magic

And it is that, no matter how much its weight is somewhat higher than that of a conventional e-Bike, we have developed the engine management software so that, when pedaling, it disappears as if by magic. This way, you will have the best stability without penalizing when pedaling. In addition, we paid a lot of attention to its geometry so that its behavior in curves is perfect.

Braih RC1, more than an e-Bike, a Super e-Bike!

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